paid license with no product code (steam)

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  • sorry, im not sure where to put this topic.

    i had paid personal license from steam but received no product code.

    the 100 events limits is always there, i dunno how to remove it.

    i got a confirmation code in my email but it gives no result when placed

    in activate product code.

  • If you bought from our site then you haven't bought the Steam version, you bought the standalone version. Install from the link on our site and then place your c2license.txt file in the install directory.

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  • thx for the quick reply, i discovered construct 2 through steam advertisements.

    i finally found the c2 license in steam.

    i dun like that i now requires to open steam just to play c2.

    shouldn't have gone for the license through steam.

    and i cant export my current game in free version to steam probably

    due to version differences.

    steam sucks literally. (just venting my anger and regret.)

    steam gives no product code one.

  • Open Steam before execute apps is really impediment

  • lol, i bought another personal license from the c2 website itself....

    still no redeem code given to my email.

    currently i sending the new transaction id to the support email and

    waiting impatiently....

  • received the redeem code from the support team.

    exchanged the redeem code from the c2 website.

    placed downloaded text file into my c2 folder.

    personal license, administrator rights received.

    fantastic <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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