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  • This is actually CaptainOblivious, sorry for posting in a duplicate account. It is the only way I can post.

    For the last two days, I can log into Scirra and browse normally except when going to the forums. Logging in, or visiting while logging in, results in the site returning my name and status as Guest. Attempting to log in again while already logged in returns me to scirra.com/forum/. Returning to scirra.com and logging out allows me to log back into the forum, then exhibits the same behavior.

    I am not currently nor ever have been banned from the forums.

    I successfully made exactly one post before this issue began. There was several years of inactivity prior to that.

    Issue occurs in latest stable builds of Chrome, Firefox, and IE. I will check to see if the issue persists with this duplicate account after I post this.

    Please help if you have the time.

    Thank you.

  • Issue does not persist on newly-created duplicate account.

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  • Nearly 200 views in 2 days. I would very much appreciate some help on this.

  • You should contact Tom regarding web-site issues.

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