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  • At first it started saying that I wasnt uploading a .zip and now instead it is giving me this message

    All arcade submissions must be made with the latest release of Construct 2. The current latest release can be downloaded from here:

    Download Construct 2 r116

    Please download the latest release and re-export your project and try again!

    I have downloaded it and still get the same message?

  • Downloading is not all.

    You need to export the project for the arcade with the latest version and try submitting this .zip.

  • Thats exactly the process ive done over and over, I go through the export project then to scirra and it takes me to the upload page once its finished exporting. I Select the exact location I exported the zip too and this is the message it gives.

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  • I think its fixed.. worked randomely after another few tries!

  • Ive had the same problem. What I did to make it work is I used Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer to upload. May not be your situation, but its what worked for me.   <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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