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  • i still get this error randomly when posting to the how to forum:

    Error Error
    Only members with sufficient permission can access this page.
    A security error has occurred with authentication.
    Please ensure that all cookies are enabled on your web browser, you are not using a saved or cached copy of the page, and your Firewall/Proxy settings are not hiding or masking your IP address.

    Its driving me mad becuase I spend an hour writing and researching an issue, hit post, and get this. Then I cant go back - ive lost all the work.

  • I get that once in a while too, which is why I started to copy my finished text to the clipboard before hitting send. Sometimes I will write the message in notepad first, depending on the length.

    I suspect it is a time out issue with some cookie or such.

    Tom might know for sure.

  • It might be due to your internet connection. Before I moved to different house I had a broadband and never seen that error. Now i'm on the mobile internet only and usually see that every 2nd - 3rd post I'm trying to make.

    as Wastrel said - copying everything you wrote before pressing "Post Replay" it's a very good practice. Been doing that for a while now.

  • My internet connection is 100% solid - I have VPN connections, ssh and database connections to other continents open all day without interuption.

    When i remember I copy the text before hitting post, but I always forget on the ones where it fails.

  • It does not seem to be cookie/session related, as I can get the error after correctly posting a message, then quickly editing it and reposting within say 30 seconds.

    Perhaps the error is because the session has become invalidated due to a problem with whatever load balancing and session persistence the web system is using.

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  • Here's an idea. Do you access the Scirra site from multiple devices? Like your PC, a phone, and a tablet?

    I do, and i think my phone will do an auto refresh every once in a while. Could that cause some kind of issue between sessions?

  • No, I only access on a single laptop, but always have a couple of browser windows open on the forums.

  • I'm pretty sure it's a forum bug and doubt it has anything to do with where you access it.

    It's happened on my phone using 3G cellular data, PC, school PC all the same.

    I also have a tendency to copy everything I want to post before I do it now.

  • Same I always copy posts before posting because this error pops too often. I thought it might happen when you have a window open for a long time before hitting 'post reply'. Not sure though.

  • I meant accessing the site at the same time from different devices, i.e. I have a forum response window up in a browser tab on my PC, then I connect to the Scirra site in a different session in a different browser tab on the same PC, or from my phone, or from my tablet to look something up on the site without leaving my original forum response session.

    This issue only seems to happen to me when I am writing a more complex response (which is also the worst time for it to happen), and I am referencing info on the site from a different session.

  • It's a bug in the forum software and we're both aware and annoyed by it :-

    Use Google Chrome, because if you get the error and hit back it keeps your post.

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