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  • Hello there,

    When going to the Forums page on the site and then clicking on the "New Posts" option you get to use the dropdown to choose how far back it goes to display new posts. Over the past couple days, if I do something like click "6 hours ago" as the option for new posts, as soon as I click to go to page 2, 3, etc... of the post list, it loses my "6 hours ago" setting and reverts to the current time which means it drops the whole list of forum posts I was looking at... anybody else seeing this?

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  • Its been reverting to date range "yesterday" for me after a few minutes.

    Has done so for a few years, if you weren't confused enough already.

  • Yeah, that happens a lot as well, but usually after a few minutes... the last couple days though I can't even get it to go to page 2 or 3 even if I pick a date range then immediately click on another page number... seems to instantly forget the range.

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