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  • I tried out the new Appbackr interface, but found a dilemma in selecting a game to submit. I have no idea which I am supposed to click on to get my latest version.


    ID     Name     Status

    2145     Pucked     Submit

    2184     Pucked     Submit

    2419     Pucked     Submit

    2813     Pucked     Submit

    5394     Orbital Bomb-Bounder     Submit

    6321     Chicks On Trampolines     Submit

    6504     Pucked     Submit

    6837     Orbital Bomb-Bounder

    If I look at Orbital Bomb-Bounder 6837 (which seems like it would be the latest version) it forwards me to the 5394 version on the arcade.

    So which am I supposed to submit? Could you add some instruction for this on the page?

  • Paradox, As you're trouble shooting, you can submit the same app multiples times and our system will only use the newest entry.


  • Newest as in the latest that was sent, or it will recognize the version number?

    Should I submit each entry, and let the system figure out which is the newest?

    edit: forgot to add appbackr so you see the reply.

  • The system will look at the latest file you uploaded/sent, not the latest file you created. If you like, you can post the URL here too.

    In the meantime, you can register on Tizen at too.

  • appbackr,

    Whe Ashley and Tom published the Blog post, I did an account and now, everytime I try to upload my game and it say I already have an account and I can't go ahead too...

  • appbackr Tom .

    I think alot of people is having this problems due to "already have an account issue" . Any way to rectify this ?

    We cant proceed to submit our app to appbackr from the appbackr form.

  • Tumira,

    Can you clarify - is this on the Scirra site or the appbackr site?



  • appbackr If we never get any notice on a submission, does that mean it was rejected? (I refer to the subject of this thread, submitted September 20th.)

  • appbackr

    This is on Scirra site. To be eligible for the $250 dollar we need to submit through scirra appbackr form right ?

  • Tumira,

    If you are having any problems, send it to us directly at so we can get it repackaged for you so you can submit to the Tizen store.

    Can you include in the email your username so we can link the app to this forum?

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  • Paradox,

    All apps have been contacted via a Zendesk interface. If you did not get a response, email us at and we can send you the information.


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