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  • Hi there.

    Well, I came back after a while, and noticed that we can now submit games to Appbackr.

    Well, I was kinda curious to see how it worked, so I just went and submitted one of my games. I really didn't want to do so, I was just doing it to get familiar with the steps.

    Anyways, when it was submitted, I was expecting to receive a link or a code or something like that, but I actually didn't. All I got, was a message, saying that my game is successfully submitted! I am a bit confused. As I said, I didn't really want to do that, since that game was just a small educational project.

    Now the Appbackr support has emailed me, saying that my game isn't working properly (As I was expecting). But they again didn't give me any link or something like that.

    I also checked the to see if I can check my game and probably remove it, but I cannot login with my Scirra username/email/password (Is that natural?!).

    So I was wondering if anyone could help me with this? How do I remove my game? How do I enter this Appbackr website? Is it possible to manage your Appbackr games via Scirra? I also heard that people can actually sell games on Appbackr but I didn't see such ability, how does it work really?!

    [Thanks in advance, and sorry for any possible errors]

  • We can remove the game from our queue. Can you send your app name to

    Let me try and clear up some confusion. When you're getting your app scored on appbackr, we are running tests on the app to ensure that it is compatible for the Tizen store. If everything works, we send the game back to you, repackaged and ready to send to Tizen. appbackr isn't keeping the game files or hosting them in any way. We are only scoring the apps, then helping the developer get the app on Tizen. There isn't any link because the game is not on our site. We're just helping to streamline the process for developers.

    Let me know if this clears things up.

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  • Ah, thanks.

    I can now understand how it works very well. So, I will just reply to that email, asking for removing my game.

    Anyways, thanks again for answering my questions ;)

  • Or you can post the name here. We'll just remove it from the scoring queue.

  • Hi appbackr and C2 devs,

    I was a bit concerned that we had not heard back from AppBackr regarding our two submissions, so I sent them an email. Justin from AppBackr replied very quickly stating that there had been some confusion with the app titles. They had both been submitted with the title "Construct 2"!

    This is a bit strange as we had packaged the app with the correct titles before submitting them via scirra. I still not entirely sure where the Construct 2 titles came from.

    I just wanted to let everyone know, just in case they have not heard back regarding AppBackr app scores.

    Thankfully both of our apps got a high score, so we have the green light to submit them to Tizen in the next few days.

    Many thanks to Justin at AppBackr.


  • If you package the app, does it speed the process up on Tizen's end?

    I'm still trying to finish my contest entry, and I'm doubting it will be approved in time.

  • Paradox

    I think it is best to package your app correctly before submitting them to AppBackr. That is what I thought I did. However, if AppBackr approve your game then they will send you a repackaged app for you to submit to Tizen.

    I hope this helps.

  • appbackr

    How do we received payment ? As mention before this that the game can be paid up to $250 when submitted through Appbackr.

    Since my country is not eligible to enter Tizen contest, at least I can make some money if submitted through Appbackr right ?

    Is it via PayPal or Bank Wire?

  • tumira appbackr

    yes I would also like to know about this, that can we make some money as tumira asked, it will be good if that can be done, and if you guys(i.e. Appbackr) can pay by PayPal it would be great and nice. I am also working on some games too, maybe I can finish them after some time, but I also want to ask that will this thing will be for ever or it will stop after Tizen Competition , please let us know. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I just got an email Appbackr is accepting the two games I've been trying to re-size and upload for $250 each.

    However apparently the form on Scirra that I uploaded to, renamed them "Construct2" and they don't know which is which.

    Tom Is this something that still needs to be fixed?

  • We send money via PayPal.

  • Yes, we send payment with PayPal.

  • Did we get the right names from you? It doesn't remove the app from our system but it does slow the scoring.

  • appbackr

    I've been told I need to update my game and provide my game name before 4/12. Today's the day, and I sent through the name along with a request as to how I resend the game, and I still haven't heard back.

    Is there a problem?

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