Navigating through the tutorials is pretty challenging!

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    Is it possible to enhance the experience of navigating through the tutorials? Here is why it's actually very challenging. If you go to the Top Rated Tutorials, there is page 1 to 116 broken into 1 to 7, the compressed middle and 114 to 116. That navigating that middle bit is like you need to use the "Next" button and that's ok. But when you want to check out say, page 50, you would have to press "Next" 43 times and that's ridiculous! Clicking on page 7 should technically expand the choices with another 7 pages or even 10.

    I'm quite sure that most users check out the first few pages and the last and then just give up. There must be a lot of community knowledge hidden away in that middle section which does not see the light of day as often as it should.

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