Moving Mazes game on the Scirra Arcade

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  • Moving Mazes is out on the Scirra Arcade:

    Get your ball past moving maze walls, monsters, electric fences and anti-gravity fields to the goal!

    This page is for any development related Q&A around the game. Feel free to ask me anything short of sharing the full CAPX and I will try to help...

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  • Hi, I like your game. I'm working on a dice game, and I want the dice to slide around the board just like your ball does based on the tilt of the phone. How did you achieve this? I know it sounds like a simple question, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I know about using Touch.Gamma to record the current tilt of the phone, but I'm having a lot of trouble using that to constantly adjust the angle of gravity of the dice (or ball).

  • Thanks for playing Moving Mazes. You can assign the 8-direction behavior to the object you wish to be moved by the tilt. Then call

    "Set 8Direction vector X to Touch.AccelerationXwithG" and for the X-axis movement and similarly for the Y vector.

    You will have to play around with the different Axes because they behave differently on whether the device is in landscape or portrait mode, and the values are also different between iOS and Android (those are the only 2 I tested).

    If you liked Moving Mazes, I'd greatly appreciate if you can leave a good star rating on the game page, so that it gets a higher visibility

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