Missing Notch badge?

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  • Hello Tom,

    I've been registered with Scirra for over a year. Should I have gotten a "Notch" badge?


  • You should have, but I know from other posts on the forum that Notch is one of the ones with the most wonkiness and often requires a manual award.

    I'm also missing a couple awards, notably a Religious Updater from a week ago. Out of curiosity, when you go to your list of badges, does the "Badges Earnt" number match a manual count of your badges below?

    In my case, I show 49 badges earned, but a manual count shows I have only been awarded 47.

  • RandomExile I don't seem to be getting any badges for anything now. Or Rep for that matter. I'm only getting rep when I post. That's it. I didn't get a notch badge or 30 days badge and a few others now.

  • damainman I'll keep watch for that (I'm really fascinated by principles of gamification, so I follow the rep system religiously), but I noticed that while I was awarded the Fanatic Badge a couple days ago, the counter hasn't reset, so instead of being a day or two toward another Devotee badge, I'm just camping out with full green on all three.

    Maybe a few of us could run an experiment on you, wherein you say something helpful on a blog post or tutorial (maybe even my own =P) and then we get you three likes and see if you're awarded the Good Comment badge and points, just points, or neither.

    Make a note right now of how many badges you have according to that "Top" number on your me/badges screen, and how many good Comment Badges you've earned in the breakdown below. Then post here where you made your comment, and we'll see if a few of us can give you likes. Don't forget you'll get 5 rep just for each like, and 2 for making the comment!

  • RandomExile I'm game! I can't start until next week though. I'm on a Sunday deadline for a project that's keeping me up late (lots of fun though!). I'll let you know when I'm good to start and I'll post some nice ass kissing comments LOL!

    ex "those are some great 'assets' you have there ;)" etc etc.

  • damainman , sure, whenever's good, but you only need one comment, and others can like it while you're working, and then you can just check back in.

  • RandomExile Done - Badges are 1 Gold, 6 Silver and 14 Bronze.

  • damainman , all right, I upvoted your comment on my tutorial (and thanks for the kind words!), so we just two more.

    It really was a nice comment; would two other souls help damainman with his experiment and upvote as well? (maybe mineet ? =P )

    Thanks! It's for SCIENCE.

  • RandomExile It was a good read and was useful to what I will be doing later down the road so no problem!

    Jayjay help plz?

  • +1'd your comment and looks like you got a badge and 25 rep :p

  • Heh if it helps determine any bugs, sure <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Nice tutorial by the way!

  • Well I got that one thanks - nothing for 30 days or my one year notch. So some are broken, some are not.. maybe it's random?

  • Thanks for helping ramones and Jayjay !

    So it looks like the broken badges are likely to be certain consecutive counter badges. I didn't get a Religious Updater and one other, and you didn't get your 30-day or one-year badges. Sounds like Tom could help when he gets back from the weekend!

    Oh, and thanks Jayjay! Glad you liked it!

  • Somehow after posting here everything seems to have been fixed. I even got a second gold badge I didn't know I had. :)

    Thanks whoever fixed it!

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  • Anyone missing badges first visit:


    This will check for missing badges and award them (including notches).

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