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    this isn't major at all, and i apologize if this isn't quite following protocol

    I just purchased the personal license and suddenly on my account profile it went from saying i've been here like 30 some odd days to a whopping 287 days in a row. it gave me the corresponding reputation rewards, not that i care honestly care about the rewards ( other than finding the elusive princess lol ) , but I was unsure if perhaps it was a perk based on my purchase or a random error in the website, and felt i should possibly bring it to your attention

    Expected Result

    Honestly I don't much care if its fixed just bringing it to your attention, in case it is a matter of concern to you.

    Affected Browsers

      [?] Chrome: ? [X] FireFox: (YES [?] Internet Explorer: ?

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows Vista Preminum 64bit Service Pack 2

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  • * moved to the correct section.

    As you have already stated, this is a website issue, and only Tom (who is currently on hols) will be able to investigate upon his return.

  • Thankyou

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