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  • I just got home and refreshed the manual page I had open on my home comp, and instead of the distinct bolder color, it's now a washed-out aqua and the border is missing from around the manual sections.

    Is this a glitch that can be switched back to make the manual sections and key words more distinct/legible and attractive in color?

  • Tom is gradually rolling out the new site design and it's still a work in progress - I believe there's still a lot to be done, so don't worry!

  • Right-O!

  • Agree. And if all categories started open would be a lot better. Takes too long to open them and find what you want. You should be able to see everything at a glance

  • Does it look better now, or do people think it's too hard to read still?

    Categories defaulting to open or not, we keep getting different feedback on what is better. I'm afraid we can only really please 1 group of people there, so for now we're going to have to keep them as they are I think.

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  • I think all the green could be a bit darker. It's too bright/vivid and hard to read for long period of time. Besides that it's all good.

  • IMHO, that's definitely a move back in the right direction. The pages in general have slightly better contrast, and the link/heading words are more visible than after the first change, but I'd agree with shinkan that the green could stand to be a bit darker yet. I wish I had a screen capture of the original.

    I always thought the greens on the forum pages were perfect. The tutorial colors, as I checked in paint.NET are:

    Tutorial Header 43/109/118

    Section links 43/131/190

    Section Headers and Emphasis 51/51/51 (blueish black))

    Background 255/255/255 (pure white)

    Text Seriously mixed, but darker

    New Header and Emphasis 6/195/171

    New Background 246/246/244 (and thereabouts, as an off-white mix)

    Text Seriously mixed, but lighter

    I believe I can respectfully describe the nature of my disapproval, and it has to do with


    font size, and

    line spacing.

    I'm showing the two formats side-by-side below for comparison.

    The original format on the right has a pure white background, which generates a high contrast on its own. The primary text color averages out to a dark grey, legible and distinct. The Headers and Emphasis are almost black, and stand out in bold. The font size is relatively large, with generous line spacing, making it very easy to read. It's comfortable on the eyes, and highly distinct.

    Take a look at the new format on the left. The background is now an off-white, reducing contrast, and is then paired with a lighter grey primary text, further reducing contrast. The Header/Emphasis Text/Links are a light, pastel-leaning green-blue which plays on the eye as lighter, not darker, than the basic text. The line spacing has been reduced, making each line less distinct, and the font size is smaller, also making it harder to read.

    All this has the effect of making the new format washed-out, harder on the eyes, more difficult to read, and less eye-catching.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Feel free to throw out everything I've said: I just think if I'm going to express a critical opinion, I owe it to you to explain it as clearly and helpfully as possible. =)

    I would be very much in favor of continuing to use the old color scheme.

  • I still don't know how to change the font color, but you can manually block the grey background texture by using Adblock, and going to:

    Options>Customize Tab>Manually Edit Your Filters

    and adding:


    Voila! Contrast improved on all pages.

    In Chrome, you can also right-click and select Inspect Element to tweak css formatting, but while I've found the font, I haven't figured out how to change the color yet.

  • I will say that the new format isn't bad on mobile, partly because of screen wrapping and relative text size. I can also imagine that that some users might prefer the softer background on mobile in dim light because pure white might be too harsh.

  • I have to say I love the green-blue lime colour feel. The fonts bring out a sense of humour just like the old theme tittle font. It really feels like Scirra. The colours really suits Tom's personality. It would be amazing if construct 2's theme would be the same as the website. Just an idea, what do you think Tom?

  • It's too bright/vivid and hard to read for long period of time. Besides that it's all good.


  • Tom

    what about having an open all/close all button?

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