Load / Save not working on Arcade?

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  • Hello there. I just uploaded my game into the Scirra Arcade. It's called Derez.

    Derez on Scirra Arcade

    Short story: I made an Pause system that basically saves the game using a Save state, takes a snapshot, goes to the Pause layout and loads the snapshot... you get the idea.

    This doesn't seem to work on the Arcade! At first I thought it was something related to the input method, since it was Right Click or ESC to pause it. I change that to Middle Click and shift, but nothing changed it.

    This is happening only in the Arcade, in my Server or even on Facebook works just fine.

    Any ideas?


    PS: Also, it seems I can't get to work appending the hiscores of ScirraArcade. Facebook works fine. I'm using ScirraArcade.HiScoreNameAt(1)& " - " & ScirraArcade.HiScoreAt(1) & newline. Of course after the >on hiscore and previously requesting them at the start of layout.

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