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    This would be very helpful for people having questions and for people gathering and indie developer team... This would improve the website greatly

    Seems cool but there would be a danger of people getting side tracked from game making in favour of game chatting

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    Seems cool but there would be a danger of people getting side tracked from game making in favour of game chatting

    Different sections.... kinda like gamejolt. When I ask for help on gamejolt people dont know what construct 2 is xD

    Well... I dont know what gamejolt is!

    There's this chat that's been around for ages: ... rMotd=true

    There's a few topics about it, and I hear a few members here regular it.

    not a bad suggestion, though they would need a few more (or one more) employees because of maintaining (and keeping someone up on chat for answering questions).


    I also think that this is a good idea as far as having a live chat for the members to help each other out by use of a chat room instead of using a 3rd party app. for example using (skype, yahoo, ect.) If there are enough people interested I have already implemented a very basic chat room that I will be using for my site and games. As I said it is very basic right now as far as basic text, graphical interface, and so on. I could also implement one for the users of C2 here that are interested in this. I am slowly learning C2 and a chat was one of the things that I was in need of for my projects. As I said I have a basic chat that I set up following the multiplayer tutorial, nothing fancy as of yet, can not choose fonts, no emotions, no host options, no file transfers as of yet but can work on those things. Maybe someone with a little more experience could help me set this up as well if you want. I can set this up 3 different ways as well, to where you can register on my main site and be put into a "C2" user group and be logged into the chat, allow an open entry into chat like the C2 tutorial just type in your nick and enter, or set up basically a sub-domain and a whole new registration for only users of C2 here can get to by a link in this form thread or some other way. Give me your feedback and we can go from there to see if I work on implementing this.

    i second that request too for a chat here, same rule block where ban come in

    wizdigitech : Construct 2 direct discussion channels

    Closing this topic that dates from 2015/2016.

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