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  • What to do if you encounter any issue when uploading a new or an update to an arcade game of yours ?

    • Before upload
      • First, update Construct 2 to the latest release available. It always makes things easier.
      • Make sure to export a proper project using the "Scirra arcade" export out of an up to date Construct 2. This provides you with a .zip archive that contains all the proper files for a game to be uploaded on the arcade. Don't pack files yourself, do use the proper export.
      • Make sure your exported game's archive is not bigger than 50 Mb. This is the download size limit and won't work at all for bigger archives. If you are struggling to get your game's size down, check out the image compression for your game, make sure you are using appropriate textures' sizes and remove any sprite or sound/music file that is not required in the actual game but could still be imported in your project.
    • Once the file is uploaded
      • Make sure to clear your browser's cache and possibly await a few minutes, giving time to the server to propagate the new file.
      • Possibly check the game using a different browser that also has its cache cleared.
      • If your game has been updated into the arcade and you encounter a black screen or a server error page:
        • Make sure to check for errors in the browser. Check what the console can teach you and see if your archive is possibly missing some file or if the issue seems to rather be on the server's side.
        • If you think you can't do anything more, send an email to explaining the issue and what you already investigated. Do indicate your username as well as the URL to your game and attach a copy of the archive you uploaded.
  • Hi,

    Hopefully this is the right topic to post this in, but I was wondering about the size limits of the Scirra Arcade. I would really like to upload my game, but it is 52 mb large. And the arcade only allows 47 mb?

    I really can't cut anything without seriously hurting the game, I'm affraid.

    Are there perhaps plans to upgrade the data limit?

    Best regards,


  • Fasold: The limit is 50 Mb and there is no plans that I'm aware of to modify this limit (it actually already was pushed up compared to the previous arcade which only allowed 10 Mb).

    Make sure your image compression is correctly set.

  • Hi,

    if you have troubles with the black screen check if you saved your whole project (preferably in an new folder) before exporting. Under -> File -> Save As Project. Then open the new saved project-file and export it for scirra arcade. That worked for me at least.


  • Hi guys,

    I am trying to upload with no success my template on Scirra Arcade, but I keep getting black screen as result and there's nothing it seems to help.

    At first I have removed the canvas resize instructions, thinking that that might be the problem, but nothing changed.

    I have tried to export again the game, following the various suggestion found on the forum but nothing seems working.

    I have even tried to upload as new version one of the C2 template coming with the software but I get the same exact errors.

    Here is the link to the page:…/test-demo-of-fps-on-rails-template…

    Does anyone know what the issue is about?

    Thank you

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  • I will have to investigate better, since I did so many changing and testing (even using my old laptop). For what I have seen now, since it is working, it seems that I shouldn't use " in the title.

    Last changing I did and make it work was changing the title of the game page from

    Test Demo of "FPS on Rails Template"


    Test Demo of FPS on Rails Template

    and it worked!

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