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  • Hi guys! This is Guilherme from Brazil.

    My english is good enough to talk to you here. I can handle myself with the language, but I worry about some friends of mine that don't have same opportunity.

    Through this post, I ask in name of them [my friends]: there is a chance to create an area for brazilians or portuguese speakers here? I mean, an area for international support where they can get support smoothly.

    And oh, I saw this post talking about international communities. The problem is: the brazilian platform isn't too strong as Scirra's platform is. Yes, I know, you're running the forum with phpBB, but that's not all actually. Our board is confusing and bad. In your board we can do more and the visibility is bigger - people can see each other easily.

    Thanks in advance.


  • We'll think about it, the biggest problem is we're not able to moderate these forums properly.

  • Well, I can offer myself to take care about the brazilian boards.

  • And what does happen the day you don't want/can't handle the moderation job anymore ?

    At least, with English forums, even if all moderators go, Scirra boys still can understand/handle it.

    Not the same with a foreign language they don't speak, and still they would be responsible for what is posted in this part.

    If you really want to, join the already existing community of your language and be an engine for their development there. Either acting as moderator, providing tutorials and support, etc...

    Or make a new website/community, better organised/developed, anything to make the community work better.

    But understand it's not something that can be easily achieved on Scirra's forums.

    (I'm not a native English speaker as well, I get your point, but I get where Scirra is standing as well)

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  • Hi, Kyatric.

    First of all, we have to breathe a little more. I mean, if Scirra internationalize their support for another languages, the problem of always relying on someone to keep the board working will always exist. This is a challenge that Scirra have to deal with.

    Secondly, what I posted here isn't something mandatory. Is just a suggestion in name of some friends of mine that have difficult with English.

    Thirdly, I already thought to create a community to manage the brazilian part of Construct 2. The point is: Scirra's official forum is special - people know that it exists. Even if Scirra help me to propagate our national community through internet, the visibility will not be the same like this board have.

    For me, this board is important because I can search interesting content freely. I don't depend to access another page or have another account to get my support up and running. Here we have everything - including the comfort to count on international support.

    By the bye, just a suggestion. If there's not possibility, let's wash our hands and let the things on.

    If the interest to have an international community here be born, let me know. I can be useful.

  • if Scirra internationalize their support for another languages, the problem of always relying on someone to keep the board working will always exist.


    And that's why since the website existed it's always and only been an English-only board and other language communities have always been left in the hands of the people speaking these other languages.

    Some made external forums, some made Facebook groups. And people looking for those always end up finding it in the end. Even if it is after having come round those forums.

    It would be nice indeed to have international boards on Scirra's forums for the users.

    But from Scirra's perspective, it could quickly become a moderation nightmare that they don't want to (understandably)/don't have the resources to deal with.

    You proposes yourself for a Brazilian board today, good.

    But what happens when tomorrow you move on to another website/tool/whatever ?

    Scirra is left with a brazilian board they have no way to moderate nor support, and probably would have to shut down anyway.

    So, for the time being, better not make one in the first place, and let communities make their own websites/groups/whatever on the side and deal with support/moderation on their own.

    If Scirra finds a good way to handle such international boards, I'm confident they will do, as they are aware of your suggestion/request (you're not the first to bring it up).

    Nevertheless, in the current state of things, it's likely not going to happen.

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