Incoming complaint: removing games

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  • Tom Ashley

    Others' requests to delete duplicates have been fulfilled within a day..

    My request to delete a non-duplicate has been completely unresponded to for weeks now.

    in this thread

    What gives?

    Some may be put off from uploading something to the arcade knowing that once they do so, it's from then on, out of their control if they want it taken down or not.

    I love c2, and I hate to be a whine, but this just really bugs me that I can't remove something I've made.

    For what it's worth, I bought an early adopters license, it's just not showing for this account due to me using different emails. I assume that's the reason anyway. Can I verify/ link this account?

    Never got around to it before because I wasn't bothered about the 'rep', but in this case I feel that maybe it'd help to even get listened to.

  • I'm sure they're just busy with r100 and other stuff, and it just keeps slipping their minds.

    Hopefully you get listened to, I haven't uploaded my games to the arcade, but I sure would like to know I can get them down if I decide to take them down.

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  • I'm sure tom just missed it. You could send him an email if you like, I suppose.

  • Doesn't seem to display his email anywhere.

    On his profile it says to contact him on the forum..

    And that's what I've done 4 times.


    Does this even work?

    I'm fairly certain I'm just being ignored here.

    In the future I just won't upload anything.

  • I mentioned it in chat, but I want to apologize here - I didn't realize mods could delete games, otherwise I would have done it earlier. I've deleted it for you.

  • ah finally! That's okay, I would have contacted you if I knew mods could delete.

    Thank you!

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