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  • Add more medals and options for repuation to increase with:

    Game reviews, Technical support

    This will greatly aid in people 'wanting' to reply :)

  • Personally, I disagree. I find the whole concept of medals and reputation childish, and shouldn't be anywhere near a serious developer forum.

    Regardless of that, I think what people must realize regarding getting a response is that people are busy, with work or life. Getting an adequate or prompt response is always going to be haphazard, which is why Ashley always says give it a few days before bumping.

    Just my 2 cents.


  • So many games developped and posts made .. and most of the time only a handfull of the same people reply. (mostly, not always)

    They already have the repuation system, it would be a good add, as its stimulates the services offered by scirra and productivity of others.

    Its a push in the right 'social' direction hehe, at least imo

  • I want a favorite button to favorite some forum posts - lol, I don't need recognition, just the ability to bookmark some awesome folks golden nuggets.

    This would help in improving feedback, because when commenting on a topic you can quickly pull up that topic you had in mind. :)

  • Some people are just having more fun helping others ;-) that�s why they post more.

    It�s the same here like in every other board. There are some Guru�s, that keep the thing running.

  • With an eye on technical support, I dont really see the newcomers offering much assistence par some totally new ideas/insights.

    On the game review thing although, it could severly help.

    So many games on this site created by construct, and so many times I see one or two replies or hardly any plays.

    Stimulating more game plays and feedback to developers gives benefit on so many aspects of development and community.

    Perhaps some simplistic approach, like a set of polls on the game page:

    star rating system:

    gameplay    *****

    graphics    *****

    audio       *****

    story       *****

    performance *****

    This for the more shy people ^_^

    Oh well, just a thought :)

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  • current Scirra forum is too childish, I wish this old forum would be back when C2 doesn't exist.

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