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  • Ashley and team:

    I could not find this topic when I searched for it, so I hope this isn't redundant.

    I have been looking at and learning a lot from the tutorials as a new learner of C2.

    I know it takes a lot of time ( days sometimes) to make a decent tutorial and there are times I would like to make a small donation ( even a buck or 2) to the tutorial creator.

    I was wondering if you have considered making a 'Donate button' on the tutorial page?

    I think it could serve many good purposes.

    1. It gives people a way to thank the good tutorial makers.

    2. It provides an incentive to write tutorials, ( maybe they will make a few extra quid)

    3. The better tutorials would likely get more donations, so tutorial makers are more motivated to make the best tutorial possible and more of them.

    4. It could be administered thru Scirra,and Scirra could retain a 10% fee.

    Noone is going to become a millionaire writing good tuts, but a few extra ? would be nice.

    Just a thought?

    What do the members think?

    Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

  • It's probably impractical to take donations by card. If you want to tip someone say $1, almost all of that will be swallowed up by the card processing fees. Then if someone issues a chargeback it can cost the seller up to $15, so it's actually possible to lose money.

    Bitcoin however is perfectly suited to this kind of thing. Tom, could we add a 'bitcoin address for tipping' field to tutorials?

  • thumbs up! really think good work should be rewarded :)

  • Cool idea! Udemy is really starting to annoy me now as they are taking a larger and larger chunk of revenue. This might be a great alternative.

  • Ashley, if there is a possibility of losing money,


    let it be a private transaction between the tut creator and the donator.

    But if bitcoin is better for you .. go that route ..

    I just think the quality and quantity of of tuts would go way up if there was a possibility of making a 'bit' (pun) of money.

    Thanks for considering.

  • I so much love the idea of using bitcoins for that. That's so future and geeky. :)

  • I think it sounds like a great idea.

    If we can get a Donate Button for plugins, rexrainbow could retire. :D

  • sounds cool I hope theres a go ;) !

  • I like it! Help me, help you system.

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  • I could go for this idea providing that

    A. tutorials that are not tutorials(ie a capx, 1 sentance, link to another page, video) and all such minimal posts. Are not validated.

    B. Such tutorials are removed more promptly.

    C. A Tutorial must get better reviewed before a donation can be given/taken.

  • Flattr is built for precisely this. Bitcoins could be an alternative, though.

    Edit: OGA also uses Flattr. It's extremely easy to set up.

  • jayderyu ,

    so thumbs up basically.

  • jayderyu You shouldn't have such restrictions on the tutorials. Even the smallest tutorials can be helpful and it's not as if you are forced to donate. So if someone makes a crap one liner with a CAPX I doubt they will get much in revenue. I don't see the reasoning behind limiting the submissions and deleting them.I guess you could make the argument of spam BS tutorials but I assume the algorithm to search puts the most viewed tutorial at the top. If not maybe they could implement a helpful button. Which would move the tutorial higher in the ranks of searches.

  • VictoryX   agreed

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