[IDEA] A simple "like" feature to encourage quality posts

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  • I think a simple Like or Thank You system would definitely enhance this forum. Among other features, it could do things like adding reputation to the authors of posts that receive likes or allowing thread posts to be sorted by likes. Such a system would have the following benefits:

    • One could show their appreciation for a quality forum post without having to bump the thread.
    • Posters would be incentivized to leave quality responses.
    • Reputation would more accurately reflect one's value in this forum rather than simply one's participation.
    • It would be easy to sift through the most important posts in a thread, because they'd have the most likes.
    • It could make the forum even more fun!

    I'm sure a similar idea has been considered in the past, which is why I'm surprised it doesn't exist here. I can see how a comment rating system might make things competitive and infuriate people when they're downvoted, but we are only talking about happy, pleasant, warm Likes. It still keeps up the positive vibe!

  • at first i would say good idea, seems cool, but if you think about it, do we actually need someone to constantly weights and judge our posts, likewise if you don't get liked or upvotes does that mean your post is not liked, not good, are you getting ignored ? , so if you like to get appreciated for your posts it probably better to make a good tutorial, where you can get upvotes .. just my thoughts on it

  • I would absolutely support such a system. It would be nice to upvote whenever someone helps me out with somthing!

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  • Dalal


    There are these badges:

    Eye to Eye

    Good Comment

    Excellent Comment

    Delicious Comment

    But I'm not sure how to upvote

  • I was surprised at first, but now I think this only applies to comments on blog posts or tutorials, because those are upvotable.

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