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  • hi there, since today I'm getting logged out frequently .. and it is annoying as frigging hell.

    i had a few times now that I tried posting something, and suddenly was logged out and lost the post ....

    I get that frustration here a lot ... for whatever reason, when I tried to post something .... and get a security error, or log out issue now, ... I loose the post ...

    I've stopped retyping my posts now ... started to happen a bit too often.

    ok, this is now the third time I logged in again to try and post this ....

    If you guys are updating the site, it might be an idea to place a notice.

  • Happens sometimes. When you get security error. Push back button in browser, and your post should be there. Copy it. Refresh page and paste it back.

    This work-a-round has saved me from retyping lengthy posts.

    Tick remember me box when logging in. This buys you a little time between log ins. But doesn't always work.

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    problem is, with the 2 of the errors, the post is gone, even after going back.

    Last week or so there is a new message indicating session timeout, this prevent navving away from the page, and then indeed I can copy, refresh, paste ...

    But since today I'm getting logged out at very infrequent intervals ... and yes, I'm suposed to be always logged in hehe.

    Like the previous post, I had to log in three times before I could actually post it :

    I now resort to copying my post (if I remember) before pressing the submit button :\ ugly

    lol, three session timeouts during attempting to post this post

  • Oh, that sucks. I can usually save my post, but out of habit I just copy it before I submit now - because 8 out 10 times there is a issue.

  • I copy my post every time before submitting here. It happens almost every time.

  • Yeah, it's very annoying, you know why this forum isn't great after all :p

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