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  • I realize arcade-style side scrolling sprites are a dime a dozen. However, I really cant find any decent top sprites, for something like a war or racing game. Help anyone? Is there some hidden resource I dont know about?

  • Im prototyping games with pixelart (very simple one, like 20x20 px, 2-3 colours) made by myself.

  • i remember i saw some sprite in the forum some cars,clouds and other stuffs but my opinion using others design will not help you to improve, so try to do your own arts and keep growing it the best example you can see is mario see how they started and see how its now ^^

    use this is good for pixels for me i never use pixels i don't know why the only game i liked and had pixels art is : Junk Jack on iphone/ipad all other games i didn't like it .

    for me i use photoshop , illustrator they are good on making none pixel arts :) photoshop can do pixel art but i don't like it :P

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  • I usually create pic by my self. Just want to make everything consistent with each other no matter how crap it is!

  • You can try


    I didn't used it yet, but it looks cool.

    If you create your own art instead of taking each part of the game from some place the game looks much more unique and interesting. But those things take time, so you can use the new image tools the scirra guys have been doing in the last builds for placeholders and then make the actual art later or as you go

  • I learned a while ago that the best way it to make sprites yourself, which can be an issue to those not creative at all like myself...

    Keep drawing and it only gets better! :D

  • There are a couple of sites like Pixel art which was mentioned earlier however keep practising as potpie said they way I do it is either by using Photoshop and paint pixel by pixel or I edit ones that I found on the internet (but edited a lot so no copy right issues can be brought up lol). If you are lucky enough what about teaming up with a friend who is good at art?

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