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  • Some of the tutorials are excellent, some are not so good and some are just people posting in the wrong place. It would be helpful to perhaps have a star rating system so on the main index at a glance you can see which tutorials stand out from the rest?

  • There is a rating system in place already for tutorials, in fact the default list sorts by top rated. Is this inadequate?

  • I would like people only with very high rep point be able to post tutorials. It's a mess over there...

  • The intention is that everyone votes for the tutorials they like best, so that they come to the top of the 'Top rated' list. Everyone can help by voting more frequently on tutorials. There are a lot of high quality tutorials with very few votes!

    We might be redesigning the tutorials section in the near future - hopefully we can find ways to organise it all better.

  • I'm working on pixel art tutorials, but I fear they'll go without much attention because theres no easy way for people to discover good, new tutorials. It's much easier to just see those with a better rating already.

    If there were a way you could grab attention with fancy icons it would be nice too.

    What about if we had sections for Art Tutorials, SDK Tutorials, Event Tutorials, General Tutorials etc. and a front page like the arcade.

  • IMHO I think it is great that anybody and everybody can "post" a tutorial regardless of their number of reputation points since the C2 Community is more than capable to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak in these tutorials to say nothing of making the community more engaging and informative overall when everyone of us can "impart" their knowledge through authoring a tutorial be it awesome or not so awesome as there is always something to be learned by the one making the tutorial to the one taking the tutorial as it is all relative in the end to the knowledge and experience of the individual and where they are on the learning curve be it novice or pro and all levels of mastery in between.

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  • There are 185 tutorials at present, with 10 per page, each accompanied by about four lines of description, plus associated tags, social options, etc.

    I like all that data, and the previews, but I feel like it would be good to be able to see more at once in a smaller space, and perhaps sortable by topic (not necessarily mandatorily sorted) like Rory said. Maybe the preview descriptions could be collapsed to begin with, but expand on a click?

    [Edit: Ok, whoops, I just clicked the All Tutorials Page, and that's great, but how about we put the tutorial rating by each of those, and enable sorting it by tag/overarching-topic, etc.?]

  • Tutorials system is one of the next things I'm going over, bear with us!

    If anyone has links to tutorial systems online that other sites have that they like, please post them here so I can take a look at what they are doing and get some good ideas on how to improve it all.

  • Alas, "All Tutorials" went away, and it's not possible to search by tag or topic, or get an overview of helpful tutorials in each topic.

  • Don't worry, currently working on "All tutorials" at the moment.

    Tagging system is also being worked over, work in progress. It's going to take a couple of weeks to gradually bring it all up to scratch so please bear with us!

  • Sounds good! Is there anything we should start doing now as we're writing new tutorials, to better integrate with the coming changes?

  • You don't need to do anything differently, and any tutorial you do submit is safe with any future updates - no need to worry!

  • The new "All Tutorials" page is up:

    Still a few bits to do on it, but it's nearly there

  • +1

  • Hey, there's a new tab!

    All Tutorials

    ... and you can see a gold star by the ones you've favorited. Thanks, guys!

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