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  • Hi there guys and girls.

    I was wondering why are there so much games on the arcade but most of them are small and cheaply made.

    I think people are making games so they can just get Reputation and just for the fun of it.

    Sometimes there are two of the same game(no changes).

    I see no point of putting my games on if in one to two days time no one will see it because every time a new game come out, mine gets pushed to page 2 or 3 on the new games page.

    How would you feel if you make a game witch took you 1 to 2 years to make and you get no comments or stars because no one goes to page 2,3,4,5...

    I am making a game and I will only post it in a year or two because, I want to finish it before I put it on the arcade.

    I will not know how good or bad my game is if no one can see or rate it.

    I also see that people put on the construct 2 examples on the arcade without making changes to it.

    People must make a game that took a little effort and time to make.

    And if you really need to put a example game on and a background.

    If you want an idea you can add:



    -menus(some game just start playing)

    If you want you can add(I love these suggestions and I am putting this in my game):

    -Achievements (e.g.Ten kills to unlock a shot gun)

    -xp bars(e.g.: every kill gives you 10 xp)

    -Gun unlocks(e.g.: 100 xp will unlock a pistol).

    So these are some ideas to make your game good a lot people will play and will give you high ratings. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • I would consider using a developer forum as a sole advertising location: bad practice.

  • I would recommend that you post it first as a work progress in the forum. Keep us updated with the interesting progessions as you go. Perhaps even posting mini ptreview games of the game on the arcade. Since you now have power to update your game as it grows this was not available prior.

    If you go this route you will have an audience already waiting for the full launch.

    This will also give you feedback as you are in progress. Nothing worse for you in this process than spend months on something you thought to be great. Only to discover players did not.

    Just my thoughts here . I also feel the arcade is improving and it would be good to work with it and give feedback to Scirra. So they can know how we feel about it and what would be better for us to showcase our games.

    Good luck to you!

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