Game won't upload to Arcade

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  • i am facing the same problem,i export the game in construct 2 and i chose Scirra Arcade for the option,still cant upload the Game, getting the error "Zip contains file extensions not on the whitelist"

    Plz help

  • I have the same error.

    construct beta 117

  • I'm getting this error as well and am confused as to what's causing it. There are no 3rd party plugins being used. Only Keyboard, Gamepad, Mouse, Arr, Audio and Webstorage. I'm exporting using r117. I am using a local webfont, so I have some fonts and a css file in there as well. Could that be the cause of the problem? I don't see why it would, but maybe?

    EDIT: I removed the fonts and css file, and changed the set web font events to load them from Google instead and the upload now works, so it would appear Scirra currently does not allow local web fonts for games being submitted.

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  • thanks for posting I am having the same issue. I guess I will get ride of the fonts I am using and try to load them another way...

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