Game won't upload to Arcade

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  • I uploaded the zip file to the arcade as directed and I got this error:

    "Zip contains file extensions not on the whitelist"

    I can understand that, but this is a file I exported directly from Construct 2! It contains the following: OGGs, PNGs, XML, JS.

    1) Why would the Construct 2 program generate files which aren't accepted on to the Arcade?

    2) Why isn't there a clear list of what files aren't on the whitelist?

    3) How do I know which files I can remove from the zip and not stop the game from working?

    Now I can understand the security standpoint of banning various files which are unsafe... but these are created within the program itself!

    Please help.

  • I read somewhere the arcade currently doesn't allow any 3rd party plugins. Are you using any? Also, is the .zip under 10mb?

  • No third party plugins, no web save or facebook support. The file is also under 10mb.

  • The webstorage, AJAX, browser and facebook plugins are not supported by the arcade currently.

  • Arima is correct. Also the upload will reject any .JS files. Are you exporting the game in the latest release and selecting Scirra Arcade export?

  • I tried to submit the wrong zip file. Turns out I was trying to submit the html version by mistake. Thank you for the advice.

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  • thanks guys u just fixid my prob

  • No Ajax support in the Arcade ?

    Is this going to be supported in the future ?

  • guicole, what were you hoping to use AJAX for in an Arcade game? We're worried about the security implications of playing an arcade game which can possibly maliciously AJAX in the background.

  • well, I'm using Ajax to store the Score on a Sql database, and some data for the players.

    since it's a facebook game, I can recognize him and retrieve some data (like money to buy items).

    On the Arcade, that part may not work, since i can't recognize the player, but at least, there is the Score.

  • We're planning on having an arcade plugin that will support hi scores specifically for the Scirra Arcade soon, hopefully that would be a good compromise!

    As far as AJAX goes on our arcade it's just too much of a security concern for us at the moment.

  • I'm getting a bug where the browser scrolls when up, down or space is touched.

  • The same problem, but I didn't used any plugin.

    and the file size is about 400kb

    the problem is with the minify script option (recommended), if you select it, the game won't upload...

  • i have 2 js files how i replace them..for uploading in scirra arcade


  • David you need to export your game in Construct 2 and select Scirra Arcade for the option

    Everyone else, I believe there's a bug in Construct 2 that causes arcade scrolling, Ashley is aware of it

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