Did my game upload?

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  • I know the games get looked at before they get uploaded.

    and that can take some time.

    but how can you tell if the system actually took the file?

    I'm asking because after filling out all the requirement, uploading files and all that. I click upload, then it just goes to the starting pick a file to upload page.

    is there a splash screen saying "thanks for uploading your game". or something....

    my computer has had some problems with java in the past, but i think i got them all ironed out.

  • The same problem is happening to me. But I dont know if it is a problem with the arcade or with my game.

  • I don't even know if it IS a problem is the problem.

    This isn't even a question for admins, just anybody that has successfully uploaded a game.

    What Happens?

  • There doesn't appear to be any games in the moderation queue. Try uploading again.

  • k thanks

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  • I'm trying to upload from a different computer this time but the same thing happens..

    Just noticed in the search bar it has this.


    Also noticed in the supported plugins you have:

    Plugins: AJAX, Arr, Audio, ext...

    is ARR supposed to be ARRAY?

    Or dose the arcade not support arrays right now?

    Also will it not upload even if a different plugin is just in your plugin folder, not the actual game?

  • If i may add you know newsground have judgement page where movie and game get public reviewed. Perhap add in a page where you can see you stuff uploaded and reviewed for seven days and then you mod could like decide if it a keep (most popular vote) or not. I know There are spammer just as well as their are epic makers. So far as i can tell newsground has it set up fairly nice. Just my two cent on this topic

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