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  • I apologize but this has been bugging me a bit since I joined the forums and I wanted to offer a suggestion for it.

    Would it be possible to add thread subscriptions at all? If I'm missing how to do this than please tell me, but otherwise I don't see this anywhere on the forums. In other forums, when a member would create a thread or respond to a thread, they would be subscribed to it. Users could also just manually subscribe to a thread if they wanted to watch it. The user's control panel would then have a list of subscribed threads along with new updates on comments to that thread and the last person to comment under the thread.

    That would make watching threads and participating in conversations a lot easier. As is now, I have to remember to track down a thread if I want to see a response, remember the name of the thread, search my name for threads I responded to, or hope that someone tags me in a response. That just seems like a very unorganized way to do it. Thread Subscriptions could keep make that much better. Good examples can be found at Desura and XDA-Developers.

  • I took a look over at some of the documentation at Web Whiz Forums and it looks like the software does include the ability to have subscriptions.

    That can be read here:

    If I can find direct documentation on how to enable it I'll post a link in the hopes that if Ashley and Co. decide to flip the switch for it, it'll make their lives easier to find the stuff for it.

  • I'm finding 0 documentation for it on Web Wiz other than it being listed in the features and a thread of someone asking how to send subscriptions to multiple email addresses.

    I'd assume from setting up other forum software that it's probably permission issue or permissions not being allowed for it. I would assume that it would show up under the drop down box under thread options. Again, I'm only assuming.

    I don't mean to bug about it. I'm just offering whatever information I can for the forum moderators should anyone want to loop into this. But if someone would decide to, I would love them forever!

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  • RamPackWobble

    I spoke with the guys from Scirra briefly via email. They stated at some point the forum software will be updated and will include better support features. It's coming at some point.

    Until then, I've adopted another forum member's idea and placed a line in my signature asking people to reply to me directly to grab my attention. It's not the best, but it has worked thus far. It might be worth adding a blurb in your signature to do the same. Though this only works when you are participating in a conversation and not just watching it.

  • mepis

    Thanks for that - lets hope the update is sooner rather than later. Although I would prefer them to work on construct than on the web site.

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  • RamPackWobble

    TBO, I think it'll be months out at best. They're talking about using all new software altogether. Setting up new forum software, like PHPBB, and configuring it is really simple. The tricky stuff is transferring the database information. The currently use something by Whiz something or other. It's the first I've even heard of it. The aren't using something more popular. I doubt there is an easy way to transfer the data base information over.

    I imagine moving user names, passwords, accounts, and posts will take a bit of work but is manageable. Moving over the point system and things like that might be so much of a nightmare it may not be worthwhile.

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