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  • Tom

    Which manual entries are missing?

    it's more like information is missing. Each subject or function is represented, it's just less than the minimum information.

    For example, (as I already stated in this thread) if you want to know what happens to an object after the Create Action there is no information. You cannot reference those newly created objects until the next top-level event. If you do reference them, Construct will act like they don't exist - because they technically don't. But no where in any of the doc can you find this info.. it's on the forums...somewhere...

    There's a good amount of information missing from the manual just like this example.

    The manual should NOT be a "How To" that is what tutorials are for. When I mentioned the manual having example code, honestly I was saying that because a lot of languages do that since its the quick and dirty way to explain a manual entry, just show how its used and there's no reason to write any other words!

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  • Tom if I had the time, I would setup a Construct Wiki - but sadly I don't!

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