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  • Tom I'm getting the arcade, tutorial, forum errors and major slow downs again. No Yandex bot in sight, at least not in the online forum section. Just a heads up.

    Also, starting yesterday, for some reason I'm having to login to the forum on every visit, sometimes more then once per session.

  • In the past 2 days the forum randomly logs me out and can't seems to remember what topics I read and what are the new posts in them. Anyone experiencing the same issues?

  • Yes, it's quite annoying.

    Also, account alerts don't seem to be working correctly anymore.

  • The have been working on servers for the arcade and got much of that fixed. I think they may have the same problem with web crawlers on the forum server?

    Tom and Ashley are pretty busy with the C3 release but let's give them a jingle.

    Tom & Ashley

  • Thanks, am aware can see it logging me out a lot as well. Will look into this. We've just subscribed to a CDN to help relieve some bandwidth I believe it's something to do with that.

  • Will look into this.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks!

  • It does it again. The forum seems to be more stable (however it just logged me out before submitting a reply), but the website logs me out almost every page visit. Sometimes while the website logs me out, the forum doesn't, but I couldn't find a pattern, it just seems random.

    And I'm careful not to open the website on multiple devices at the same time, since that was the cause of similar issues before (months ago).

  • They are working on it.

    Tom wrote:

    "Having problems with arcade right now because we're using a huge amount of bandwidth (around 300GB a day). This was way more than we ever anticipated. As a result we've implemented Cloudflare CDN. This has created a few caching bugs here and there which I am fixing as they come up."

    I am sure that is probably also affecting the forum.

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  • been having this login issue still.

  • Same. I don't think they are going to fix it since they are planning on moving the forums to the new official site.

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