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  • Hi Team Scirra!

    As i was doing my daily surfing through the plugin section on the forum, i was looking for specific plugins only made by a specific 3rd party builder.

    That made me realise that for me "to retrieve a list of only a chosen 3rd party developer" would be awesome!

    So the idea is simple enough.

    Choose forum/plugin section.

    Then search on developer (as in rexrainbow,Pode,septeven, etc)

    The forum then shows only the plugin pages by that user.

    (Not the comment pages.)

    That enables your site users "such as me" to instantly keep track of all plugins made by specific 3rd party developers, without having to scroll through large lists.

    Now i know that Kyatric already has the plugin and behaviour list.

    However, it is a search option "this specific" that seems logical to implement in well, a place in which u search for 3rd party plugins.

    Thus as a result, making the site even stronger for the scirra audience.

    Kind Regards.


  • Savvy001

    Why "would be awesome"? How would this be useful to you? And to developers in general?

  • I would like to see Scirra add the plug-ins to the store. But for free - of course.

    Maybe have some moderators APPROVE of certain plugins (to make sure there is nothing malicious).

    Then there could be an Officially Approved Pulg-in section on the Scirra Store.

  • Would be nicer if plugins were available for download from the Construct2 application itself.

  • Velojet

    For the users of the forum, this would give the abillity to get a list of plugins specific from their chosen 3rd party developer.

    To explain why that would be awesome, is the same as understanding why google just works!

    In better words: it gives u rapid search: more specific than it is at this point.

    If (as an example) i want to see "only" the plugins made by Yann, then i would have to "dig them out" in the big pile of forum posts in the plugin section, or the plugin & behavior list by Kyatric.

    So a specific build in "filtered search" that has the option (3rd party developers) benifits everyone who wants to be fast and to the point.

    And on the other side there is the benifit for the 3rd party developer.

    Which means that they are even more implemented as a fundament of construct 2 onto the forum.

    They are working around the clock to build those very needed plugins we all use.

    Presenting them a tool that enables "their plugin" user to find/discus the newest of their work in a simplified way, is better than just piling up the forum pages, and keeping the fingers crossed that everyone finds what he/she is looking for.

    The way it is now is like giving someone the whole forrest, even if he/she only asked for 1 tree, or a specific branded tree family.

    Hope it is clear for u now, and that my explanation clearified the issue.

    Kind Regards.


  • What about using the advanced search function of the forums which is implemented by default in the forums ?

    <img src="" border="0">

    Put the name of the plugin maker in the "Search by member's name" field, tick "Search for Topic this Member started", select the "Plugins for Construct2" forums and select "Any date" (in the "Find posts" drop down list).

    You can also either display the results by posts or topics.

    Suggestions are cool, but why not learning to use the already given tools first ?

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  • Thanx Kyatric for the pointer.

    However (after reviewing my suggestion & using the advanced search, i found it would be much simpler if the forum had the following structure.


    .Plugins for construct 2

    ..First 5 pinned topics


    ---Topics A-Z


    ---Plugin A-Z


    ---Plugin A-Z


    ---Plugin A-Z



    As for the advanced search.

    It gave me the list i needed with following settings.

    Search by keyword: Plugin

    Search by member name: rexrainbow

    + checkbox (member name exact match)

    + checkbox (search for topics this member started)

    Search forum: Plugins for construct 2

    Search in (Topic Subject)

    Find posts (Any date & Newer)

    Search results by: Username

    Display results by: Topics

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