Forum not showing last post of thread?

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  • On the main forum page that show's all of the topics for the forum it shows the name/date of the last user to post in the thread, however I've noticed on multiple occasions that its not accurate.

    Here's an example.


    It says the last poster was user Flyovergames Aug 6th

    However when you go to the last page of the thread:

    it shows User: Bilgekaan posted on Jul 24th

    So either Flyovergames didn't actually post and its just showing their name randomly, or its not displaying the last post from that user.

    I've seen this issue with multiple threads, including getting email "updates" to a subscribed thread, which when you go to that thread, doesn't exist.

  • I'm having the same issue if not similar issue.

    A lot of threads shows as being unread, even when I read them, and clicking to goto the last newest post goes to the first page instead. Also, the newest poster listed isn't accurate.

  • Same here.

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  • hehe, also, Colludium's reply post showed up before Prominent's post, even those the time is listed as an hour later.

  • At least I'm not the only one. I try to keep up with this forum every day, and these kinds of issues make it hard. I keep saying to myself "I've read this post!" "where's the new reply?" "where's the topic I saw mentioned on the main screen?" " he wasn't the last poster in this thread!"

  • I think the issue must be that someone has posted a new post, but I can't see their post, so it stays listed as unread. It forces me to the first page of thread, and when I go to last page, the new post isn't listed.

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