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  • Ever since the April fool website hack, I have been unable to login on my first attempt. Of course, I've tried clearing browser cache etc but it makes no difference - logging in now is becoming a tad frustrating. Is it just me?

  • Colludium - I also had the issues with the login in Scirra. Whenever I open a link or when I re-open the browser scirra always logs me out. So I need to sign-in again every tab or on restart of browser. It seems also that the checkbox "Keep me logged in" is not working anymore. I also cleared the browser cookies and other site or plugin data but it still happens. Other sites are doing fine so I believe this is a scirra website problem.



  • Yeah, forum logins behaves funny today. It's almost like an infinite loop for me. When I open the forum I need to login. So I'm transfered to a login page. After successfully logging in I'm transferred back to the forum page.. Where I'm logged out

  • , shinkan, it's good to know I'm not suffering alone!

  • What browser are you having the issue with ?

    I'm using FireFox and I did not encounter the same issue as far as I can tell.

  • Kyatric - I have been using Chrome on W10 and Android, and I just tested it using Firefox W10 and all have the same login fail problem.... Perhaps some sort of IP address issue? I'm guessing, of course...

  • Kyatric - I use Google Chrome Latest (Windows 8.1 64-bit). Kyatric try exploring the forum while logged in, it will log out eventually.

  • Update:

    I also noticed that if you explore in the Scirra Site and if you are suddenly logged out then keep exploring and clicking on any links and you will be logged in again without signing in. Weird, must be some parts of the site that prevents auto-login.

  • Scirra hacked ?

    ramtinsoltani post a web - forum vulnerability.

    newt I see someone has already tried it and broken the tos.

    Lancifer Uh-oh! Looks like we're too late!

    "Someone" already hacked the site. Click any link outside of the forum and the pages start breaking apart.

    Firefox: insecure connection ( padlock information, not all post )

    Chrome: This website can not provide a secure connection

    The page uses a protocol that is not supported.


    I use chrome, and i cant join in 2 days ago.

    Badges problem. Hacked.U can get free badges.


    Timezone problem.


    Pls fix it.

  • SecondaryTesla

    Quoting me was unnecessary. I was making a joke based on the April Fools prank Scirra played. That's all.

    But yeah, they're still having issues with the badges.

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  • SecondaryTesla the issue was fixed by Tom and that so called a "hack" was just an April fool joke (since the file that was causing the transitions was hosted on scirra's servers).

    I'm not experiencing any logout issues, but the badge thing happened to me to (I haven't visited Scirra for 100 consecutive days but somehow earned the badge!)

  • If you check the "keep me logged in" tick-box then everything is good for me, but if you don't then it is impossible to log in.

  • If you check the "keep me logged in" tick-box then everything is good for me, but if you don't then it is impossible to log in.

    Ahh, thanks. I could logging in for two days. That bug is really annoying. I could see I was logged in, but was immediately kicked out after logging in. I could even send PMs.

  • Kyatric - For the sake of proving the bug, aruche must be experiencing bugs too since he has been active for "31374 days in a row" (85 years) and received 361 x Fanatic Badges and Lightning Draws for x70 times. He might know some ways to fix it.

  • : I'm moderator, not website developer.

    Also mixing up issues does not help.

    A bug about badges is likely different from a login issue bug, isn't it ?

    I already told you, use FireFox, it works. Why don't you follow proposed solutions ?

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