Forum Issues Thread - Please read!

  • The profile page still shows incorrect game plays for individual games.

    Revisions of games hold missing game play counts.

    Possible solution: SUM() all the game play counts from all the revisions belonging to one game and display that as plays counter.



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    TomTest999 been there since the update.

  • Tom

    Lots of testing on the attachments and some details that could even better this system :

    • it is possible to see the list of attachments we sent from the control panel (very nice), and so to use the same attachment using its URL in other posts. Doing so, could the post parsing function detect it as an attachment and not a standard URL ?
    • in the post about URL posting limitations, it would be nice for new users to see that the solution instead of URLs is the attachment, at least to mention it in the post to promote the use of this tool
    • would an "update attachment" function be useful ? Replacing the old file with a new one, reduction server-side space used in those cases ?
  • Guizmus, thanks for suggestions. Have updated the URL posting limitations thread.

    Regarding your other attachments, those sorts of changes are more difficult as I'd need to do more serious changes to PHPBB code which I'd rather not at this stage. However, don't worry about server-side disk space we got tons and are always happy to buy more, I don't see it running out any time soon.

  • Tom: Nitpicking (again) :

    I love the fact that the titles of the last posted topic is now displayed on the indexes of each forums. Nevertheless, long titles are cut with a "..." to finish it.

    Could it be possible if we mouse over the title to have a tooltip displaying the full name of the topic ?

    One more item to add to the todo list, sorry about that.

  • Kyatric Not a problem at all! Done for next upload.

  • Tom: Great, thank you very much !

  • Kyatric should be working now

  • I had a tooltip suggestion I was holding off on mentioning myself. The Badges at the bottom of the profile no longer say what they are, it would be nice if they had a tooltip with a description.

    Ahh, just noticed the title "Badges" is a link to the detail list, so that really makes this extra fluff.

  • Awesome thanks Tom !

  • Not sure if this was already reported, but if the browser window width is smaller than 1353px the topic titles break to the next line and mess up the page

  • Signature test

  • I wonder if you could provide the possibility to automatically set the ''Notify me when a reply is posted"-option in the profile?

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  • A bit personal perhaps, but:

    I find that the main forum index page and sub forum index pages have too much white space everywhere.

    Makes it look unrefined.

  • Smolli: It is in the User Control Panel tab "Board Preferences", and "Edit posting default".

  • Issues:

    • Keep me logged in doesn´t work
    • this:[attachment=0:2r99t4rl][/attachment:2r99t4rl]

    I´m using the last version of chrome ;]


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