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  • Hello,

    Some issues are affecting the Forum have a long time, they are:

    Clear Form: I would recommend to take off the "Clear Form" button, because this is the second time I did a good post, with average 500 characters, and clicked there accidentally... (nothing better than CTRL+A and DELETE to clear anything you want);

    Preview: It's simple not working, I believe it never worked on chrome;

    Buttons: The main issue are the buttons, if you want bold something, better type the code yourself, because the buttons will pop on the end of the topic the function you're trying to use, what, sometimes, is useless, because of the waste of time trying to use the button, nothing better than the old phpbb button system;

    Don't get mad, I just want to show you this things, and believe, the presentation of a Forum make all the difference for Us.

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