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  • I tried to reply to a topic about 10 minutes ago and got the following error:

    Access Denied

    Error Error

    Only members with sufficient permission can access this page.

    A security error has occurred with authentication.

    Please ensure that all cookies are enabled on your web browser, you are not using a saved or cached copy of the page, and your Firewall/Proxy settings are not hiding or masking your IP address.

    The issue seems to be resolved now.

    I also have issues with the "New Posts" function. Sometimes it tells me there are 5 pages with new posts but when I get to page 3 all of a sudden it says there are no more new posts.

    I really like the Scirra website but to be honest, the forum software is a bit of a let down for me. It feels outdated, clunky and with the issues I've experienced so far I wonder if I'm the only one that feels this way? Surely there are better, more modern forum packages available? XenForo for instance is a modern, new forum package that would suit the site better. Heck, even IP.Board (or heaven forbid vBulletin) wuild be a lot better.

    I hope I didn't step on anyone's toes. If I did, I do apologise. I'm just very frustrated with my forum experience here. The community is great, but the software seems to keep me from wanting to participate more.

    Right... I just tried to preview my post and that didn't even work...

  • Not stepping on anyone's toes don't worry! It's a common complaint from everyone.

    I'm going to talk to Ash today and see if we can think of a permanent solution to this (I have one in mind).

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  • Hi Tom. Thanks for your response. It's good to hear a solution may be in the works. I have to say I love the awards/badges and hope they can be ported to the solution you have in mind.

  • Yes, all those features will definitely feature :)

  • Awesome! :D

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