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  • Well look at this topics VIEWS.. cant be true right ?

    I discovered a simple bug with that. The forum software counts every refresh that is done at the selected topic.

    I wrote a quick tool that allows me to refresh the topic rapidly..

    Please fix this bug.

  • Moved to "Website issues".

  • Do NOT use tools which automatically refresh pages on our site. We have in the past permanently IP banned users for doing so. It can slow the server down for everybody.

  • I dont do this for fun , i just noticed that the views of my topics increases rapidly . i checked if I was the whole viewers, and it was true. i tested it and it worked. So i want to tell you this "bug" .

    I am not a bad person, just saying.

  • btw i will never do this again

  • It would be kind of cool to have a forum prison instead of IP ban. Then these prisoners would only be allowed to talk with each other and with the spam bots that are trapped in there<img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Maybe with some rep they could bail out.

    This was more related to what Ashley said and I'm not serious.

  • Well, i just wanted to inform you about this bug, it could be used to win competitions or smth. i dont know but its not good :(

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  • It's not so much a bug as it is a possible issue. It's simply the absence of software checking to make sure the user hasn't visited the same thread within the last X minutes.

    This has also been mentioned before, along with the fact that some users - including me - have noticed double view counts, which hasd been going on for a couple years now.

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