*fixed* Game unplayable in Chrome, no sound in IE/Edge

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  • My game was in a playable state earlier this evening with a few minor bugs, I have since addressed one of the bugs which didn't effect the playing or loading of the game. This fix was:

    On left button click - Ready: ReadyCheck = 1

    : Stop "Music Track 1"

    : Play "Music Track 2"

    the change was to add in a "Stop "Music Track 2" " which was added in between the current Play and Stop.

    After exporting it as a new Scirra Arcade.zip file and uploading it, the game became completely unresponsive when on the Live website. I tried refreshing several times and then tried to upload the older game file to revert back to when the game was playable. This too was unresponsive from the Scirra Arcade website whilst using Google Chrome. I tired then opening it in IE and Edge, the game was playable but had no sound at all throughout on both versions.

    Unsure whether this is an error on my end or whether it is the website messing up slightly?

    Bit of insight would be appreciated if possible.



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