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  • Hello there!

    I'm making my first game and I'm shooting for a resolution of 720P (1280X720). However I one day aspire to upload my creation to the Scirra Arcade and they have that width limitation of 800px. Is there any way to quickly down-sample the game to another 16:9 resolution that would fit this parameter or am I going to manually have to resize every graphical element in the game. Thanks to any who reply!

  • i think there is anyway , you should resize , re-posistion , re-fixing everything ... i have asked this before but i think no one tried it before thats why they didn't fix it , hope you guys fix it^^

    or at least tell us if its in the todo list or something like that :)

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  • I found a possible workaround.

    Let's say you've designed your game in 720p. You have all your layouts set to that resolution too

    height 1280px

    width 720px

    So then go to your project and cut that resolution in half (640x360).

    Now add browser event > set lay out scale to "0.5". Bang, now your layouts are scaled down to fit the new smaller "screen". Easy to implement easy to reverse.

  • Nice solution dafoundah , i will try that when i have same problem with you :)

  • dafoundah: That's really smart!

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