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  • The new working search bar is awesome. Thanks for that! I think, though, you should have the little (powered by google) thing there, and (phbb..(or whatever it is)) for the Search button (next to Chat!, and under Arcade), just so it's clear that they are two separate types.

    found two bugs:

    the when using the tube][/tube]. The "watch on youtube" button is there, but just causes a glitchy blink when you click it instead of taking you to youtube. example:


    also, if it's possible to have the HD and fullscreen buttons right here, the only reason to go to youtube would be to read comments and such.

    the other bug is when a user is banned, if theirs was the latest post in the forum, it still shows it as the latest post, even though it's been deleted. so you click click the arrow and it just refreshes the page

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  • Thanks, the non rich text editor version of the post message is pretty buggy, not really my fault but the forum. I'm thinking about re-writing it. Will let you know when it's done.

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