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  • Hello!

    Whenever I look through the bugs forum, I constantly see Ashley directing users to refer to the "how to report bugs" page.

    So I'm thinking that, if possible, the "Create new Topic" button in the bugs forum should link, through some means, to either the "how to report bugs" post, or a brief overview of the bug reporting stipulations.

    I myself have sought help and mistakenly not followed directs (sent large .capx), and I think this small, intervening step could really boost the efficiency of the bug reporting, both in time for bugs to be found(users must respond after they see they've made a mistake), and Ashley's (or anyone else) having to direct those users to report the bug properly.

    So yeah, if this can be done, I think it would be a nice feature.

    Thank you~~

  • "Netlabel" used to be such that people would first read the sticky topics in a forum (especially those with mention like "Read first").

    But indeed, it could be a nice feature, although it would be tedious for already aware members who would have to do more than one click to start filling their bug report.

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  • Yeah I agree, I just thought if there was a popout (not popup, necessarily, just something that appeared in front of you but was attached to the site) that you could click anywhere to have it disappear, it might help Ashley and Tom, or anyone else here to provide help, from having to constantly explain the bug reporting procedure.

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