Can we get a feature to block users on the forums

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  • Sometimes I see a new thread of a user requesting help and so I post a detailed reply to help them out and then once that's done I click on their profile picture and they have a twitter account and when I look at their twitter account they're defending a rapist and arguing the rapist shouldn't go to prison so obviously I go right back to my post and I delete it because you know I'm not helping no stinking pro rape dude you know but that means that if another user asks the same question and they're a good person I can't answer their question either because it will help the dude that is defending rape you know?

    If I could just block that user and then they wouldn't be able to see my posts it would fix the problem

    Some users are big jerks and they stick to me like flies and they keep replying to my posts in bad faith, they'Re being mean and abusive but they're making sure to never break any rules or cross any line and you know it's really pissing me off because if I could just block those users they wouldn't be able to see my posts and so wouldn't reply to them with their bad words that are mean and disrespectful but not breaking the rules so they get no punishment

    If I could just block that user and then they wouldn't be able to see my posts it would fix the problem

    Sometimes I create new threads and some users with bad intentions reply to it and are being rude and aggressive and mean and make fun of me, but they do it in a way that doesn't get them in trouble and there's literally nothing I can do, even when I beg them to stop they mock me even further.

    If I could just block that user then they wouldn't be able to see my threads it would fix the problem

    If I could delete posts from those users that I blocked because they're being jerks on my thread it would fix the problem

    I really love construct 3, I love helping people our and I want to help growing the community and make better games but it just won't work if things keep going the way they are.

    Ashley you know what I'm talking about, that subgroup of users are super abusive, and while they might have spared you and been respectful, you have power over them, you can ban them if they'Re jerks to you, I can'T do anything and they know it so they are not being nice at all.

    Please help and allow blocking users on the forums. It's really taking it's toll on me and I hate it and sometimes I wonder why I should support a community that bullies me and why it's moderators aren't doing anything about it or giving me the tools to do something about it

  • Since private messaging has been replaced entirely with the public forum, any form of bullying is community facing and can be managed by the moderation team - I'd suggest that you report these posts and the team will deal with the users responsible.

    As any one to one interaction will have to be conducted via another network or communication tool, solutions would be platform specific, however every major social networks lets you block abusive users from seeing your content or contacting you, and for more direct methods like personal email, you can block correspondence entirely.

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  • Think this would be a good feature to add, unfortunately it's a lot more complicated than it sounds to implement this properly. Is on the to-do list.

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