error in setup.exe file

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  • Every time I try to download the free version and install it completes download then says program signature is corrupt or invalid, and only gives the option to delete and nothing else.

    I posted in another thread someone else started but this seemed like the ideal section for this thread so started my own here.

    Id really like to try out this program before buying, but cant get it to work.

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  • You mean this topic?

    I can't verify the file currently, but it worked when I downloaded it before. If the download is indeed corrupted on Scirra's servers you could try the torrent download of it instead. Alternatively you can try the latest beta instead, and see if that works.

    Also that topic was posted during the weekend, so if something went wrong with the servers it will probably have to wait till a weekday I'd imagine before Scirra's staff sees it and fixes it.

  • Problem was solved in that thread, thanks guys.

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