Error exporting project to android

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  • I'm using google translator, so I'm sorry for the spelling that may be wrong. There is a problem going on when I try to export my project to android. when it is nearing the end of exporting an error appears:

    "Failed to build. Exceeded maximum project size"

    Can someone help me?

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  • First off, you are in the wrong forum, this is currently for everything related to the website, which does not provide a way to export to Android.

    If your issue happens with Construct 3, consider posting in the "How do I" forum for Construct 3.

    If it is for Construct 2, consider posting in the "How do I" forum for Construct 2.

    The error message you mention means that the project download size you provide or you get is too big.

    What is very confusing is what method of export are you using exactly ?

    Consider providing all the steps you take to build your application, as well as the tools you use, it will be easier to diagnose your issue and provide help.

    Consider following the instructions from the Construct 2 manual (if you are using Construct 2 - The paragraph on "Publishing to mobile" ) or Construct 3 manual (if you are using Construct 3 - Select the appropriate tutorial depending on your target).

  • Good evening. Ok thanks for the info, I'm new here, rsrsr. I was able to export my project. it was over 100 mg in size. I reduced to 90 mg and managed to export to android by construct 3.

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