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  • When i see this engine and many others i see in this one a lack of IOS export and compatibility in the frontpage. A quick look should reveal that IOS games can be made with constuct 2 but that doesn't shows until you look deeper and even then is somehow elusive.

    I think it would be very important to show much more about compatibility, maybe as a pane like those that say Box 2d Physics, Facebook Games, Chrome Webstore, etc.

    also some more flashing around the concept of "develop once play everywhere" and speed of html5 games on IOS browsers.

    Any Social "ready to use" feature should explode in many colors too, like that pane saying Facebook Games, with enough info about capabilities and features. Online Score, compatibilities with this or that social platform and such.

    Basicly an exaltation of the posibility to make the games that everyone is playing. Dissect one and see what make it a winner, and if the feature exist, show it big.

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  • We have plans to do this, but we're working on the technical stuff first. Both CocoonJS and directCanvas have some issues that currently make them unsuitable for publishing. It's being fixed, but once it's game-ready we'll be making noise about it.

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