Earnings will be withdrawl after 60 days

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  • what is this man....

    i made the 100GBP in last 3 days on scirra by sell my codes

    but i will get this income in feb.....

    i mean come on man....it is just two month time means the earning i made in december will get in my account in march

    totally worst........................

    please admin think about my request atleast 1 time


    we know that there are only several of the sellers who sell at the scirra store then why you just want them to leave the scirra store and sell their games to others website

  • *moved to a more appropriate location


    As is said in the Store FAQ, if you have an issue, please email . Posting here is no guarantee that a Scirra employee - in this case Tom - will see it.

    I'm also pretty sure that the Cashouts item in the FAQ covers what you are referring to.

  • 60 day wait time? OMG

  • Its to cover any charge backs.

    Given some of the content, it is understandable.

  • It not to be more then 10 days

    Because if i brought a game today i will reqiest a paypack on the 4 or 5 day not on the 50th day of purchase

  • It's to protect us from credit card fraud as I've explained in my email to you. Purchases done on credit cards can be charged back up to 60 days after purchase date.

    It's not just a matter of if the card holder decides they don't like the product or not (not a valid reason to chargeback but as an example), if the credit card was stolen then the actual cardholder might not notice the charges until a month or two later!

    If we allow quick cashouts, we'll also attract money launderers and credit card fraudsters which puts our entire business as risk. This is the way we're doing it. I'm thinking of possible allowing quicker cashouts for some merchants but everyone currently seems OK with how it's working.

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  • As someone who ran websites that sold items, Tom is right. You can get a charge back waaaay in the future especially in the case of a stolen credit card.

  • They could maybe get away with doing it with bitcoin.

    With a no return policy obviously.

  • They could maybe get away with doing it with bitcoin.

    With a no return policy obviously.

    I personally, would not want bitcoin

  • Yeah it's a little scary, but without Paypals fees, I'm slightly less.

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