Don't allow users to draft a reply on old topics

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  • If you go to reply to an old topic, the forum allows you to and only after you press reply does it tell you cannot reply. Irritating to draft up a response and then be told that you cannot reply after.

    Also this rule is generally pretty annoying and arbitrary, because it just leads to users having to link old posts and people going there to get up to date on the information, but that's just more of a personal opinion.


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  • I personally think that old threads should be allowed to be necro'd. Much information has stayed relevant over the years, and long time forum contributors are still around to update broken dropbox links. The amount of relevant information outweighs the occasional necro, and even then replying to those saying that there's now a better way to do something can still be useful and not a huge chore.

    The bigger problem is the abysmal performance of the search function that likes to bring up 6 year old topics as the first link.

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