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  • Just noticed that though I was on the site yesterday and posted, that today it shows that I have only been on the site 1 day in a row.... I was at 343 days or so... not sure what happened there. It is very odd unless it has something to do with the fact that the site keeps signing me out every few minutes and forgets the sign in automatically check every time...

    Not really expecting anything to come of this, just thought I would point it out in case it is a bug or issue on the site if anyone else has seen similar...

  • Me, too! I lost almost exactly that same number of days. I NEVER miss checking in, since I have Scirra as a home tab in Chrome at home, and it's my home page on my cell.

  • Yeah, it's pretty frustrating. I was less than 2 weeks from hitting the everyday for a year achievement

  • That's nothing, sometimes clicking on My profile, gives the message I am unregistered and I don't exist...

    Maybe related?

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  • And I got the Fanatic badge (visit for 100 consecutive days) 3 times even though I never actually did it. I think my max was like 30 days

    Edit: there are 4479 awarded Dedicated badges (30 days) and 4205 Fanatic (100 days). There should be a much bigger difference between the two, like how Devotee (10 days) has 15370 awarded

  • pixel perfick Do you have proof you exist? Just kiddin, yeah, who knows...

  • It's not just a coincidence ... even though every time I log in, I select "keep me logged in," I'm logged out the very next day. That's a pretty serious bug for people like us who go to great lengths to maintain our activity ...

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