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  • Given recent events I was wondering if it was possible to have ip's given publicly in each post, not the whole thing mind you, just say the last few digits.

    This would help a bit in seeing a potential troll/buzzard, and might keep users from wasting time.

    Also would it be possible to get some sort of generic Creative Commons license for all the content on the site?

    Nothing terribly limiting, but at least something to keep the t/b from using content outright. At least a Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 type.

    Unless its creator says otherwise.

  • agree with newt, some post from last few days are plain crazy

    "can i have a cap file?", "..full example game to learn from?"

    Only i got this feeling thats the one guy messing up the forum using different accounts?

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  • As regards this toe-rag that is mentioned by Tom, can't his IP be blocked automatically to stop him registering all the time.

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