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  • I have my c2license.txt file from back when i bought construct2 ages ago.

    I didn't check the website anymore since construct3 was released.

    I wanted to work in construct2 today but i found out my account here lost its license somehow.

    I tried inserting the hash from my c2license.txt wich i never shared.

    but now i notice it sais it got claimed allready.

    This means one of two things:

    -option one my hash has been stolen somehow.

    -option two there was a mistake on the website might have been migration.

    I Bought construct 2 for my self a very long time ago i would like to return now to working with it.

  • Being logged in to, you can find your license file for Construct 2 in the Downloads page of the asset store.

    If you have an issue accessing your license file, please send an email to with your username.

    Concerning the hash of your license, you have already claimed it, giving you access to a 50% discount on your first subscription to Construct 3.

    It was not stolen, it is tied to your account.

    You can see it in your "Special offers" page.

    Nothing wrong there as far as I can tell.

  • Thanks for clarifying. I was confused because the licenses had nothing in there. Had no idea the assetstore had the old licenses. I found it thanks to your help.

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  • I would recommend having the old licenses available in the 'Your licenses' tab as well

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